So I’m getting into this blogging thing quite late. But somehow it always takes me a while to catch up with technology – I was one of the last people to join the Blackberry revolution, and I’ll probably be the last to make the transition from laptop to tablet. But I love baking and cooking, almost as much as I love eating, so I’m starting this blog regardless of the fact that there are about 10 bazillion food blogs out there already. Cooking, baking, and science. Those are my big loves. So don’t be shocked if the odd science fact or pun works its way into this blog – that’s how biologists are.

I used to write recipes in an A5 book – recipes that I had collected from various sources, made, tested and liked enough to record for the future. It is my food bible – complete with pictures where possible, and ghost-lines (remember those?) so that my writing is straight. Ghost-lines. Has there ever been a brighter neon sign saying “NERD”? Anyway, physical writing is so 20th century, but I do like having a place to keep and collect recipes, particularly so that I can remember adjustments that I made. And for it to be there, on a cloud or in the sky or whatever, for my nieces or daughters to learn from one day. So this is my new version, my 21st century food bible. Read it, use it, and contact me to make suggestion or requests if you like.



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