Strawberries & Cream Ice-cream

20161229_185337-4Homemade ice-cream is one of the greatest treats in life. Way, way, way superior than any store-bought version. No preservatives, only happiness. I have strong feelings about the number of preservatives in store-bought ice-cream, after suffering a particularly scary allergic reaction where my face swelled up to alarming proportions. My face. At the time the cause was unknown, but rapid medical consultation determined that the preservatives in ice-cream were to blame. That was the end of store-bought ice-cream for me. I purchased a small ice-cream maker in the UK, a kind friend brought it over (thanks Sarah) and life has been wonderful ever since. The flavours are so much more intense, and you can try endless combinations. This recipe is loosely based on the Ben & Jerry’s sweet cream base, and a roasted strawberry and coconut ice-cream recipe I saw once. It’s fresh, creamy and all natural.

Roasted Strawberries & Cream Ice-Cream

400ml cream
2 eggs
150ml milk
1/2 cup castor sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
400g strawberries
*makes a litre

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Hull the strawberries, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of sugar and roast for 30min. They will be bright red with lots of bright red juice bleeding out into the pan. A colour sensation with an intense strawberry flavour. Let them cool completely, then mash with a fork and put them in the fridge until needed. You can also do this the day before.

Beat the eggs till light and fluffy, then add the sugar in batches, beating well each time. Once combined, add the vanilla, cream and milk and beat together. Pour into your prepared ice-cream maker according to the instructions. In mine, it takes about 15-20min. 5 minutes before the ice-cream is done, add the mashed strawberries with their juice. Let it churn until completely mixed, then it should be ready! Freeze for a few hours or overnight before serving (depending on your machine). Give the ice-cream 5-10min on the counter to soften a bit before scooping.



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