Killer Whale Cake

20131026_150446When I made this cake (and others), the plan in the back of my mind was to write up these blog posts with detailed instructions and plans on how to replicate them. Obviously that was a crazy idea – I don’t remember the details, I didn’t take any notes and I don’t have the patience to try and re-create them now.

So these cake posts are going to be about pictures and basic ideas. I made this killer whale out of marshmallow treat – melted marshmallows and rice krispies, moulded into separate body, dorsal fin, flippers and tail shapes.

20131027_074811The black and white is fondant icing, smoothed over. One important trick: the fondant was quite thin and I could see the pocked surface of the rice krispie shapes. So I smoothed them over with buttercream icing before covering in fondant. I copied the basic killer whale body plan from an internet photo, in order to get the white patches and fin placement right. It was trickier than it looks! I didn’t quite get the tail right though.

The base is a plain vanilla sponge cake baked in a springform tin, but you can do anything you like here. The icing is a normal blue buttercream. Good luck!



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