Sriracha-laced Boiled Egg & Avo on Crispy Seed Cracker


I was recently taught how to make the Perfect Boiled Egg. On a girls mini beach break, no less. The key is to be precise – figure out your Goldilocks time and stick to it. For me, it’s 4:45 in rapidly boiling water. That make the yolks set, but not hard. No yolk running out all over my plate – I don’t like that at all – but not a hard-boiled egg either. Fast enough to do during the week if you need a kick-start to the day, or a perfect weekend breakfast/brunch. Protein, warmth, good fats, crunchy seeds and full of flavour – this one’s a keeper.

Sriracha-laced Boiled Egg & Avo on Crispy Seed Cracker

2 eggs, room temperature
2 seed crackers (or 2 English muffin halves)
1 ripe avo
Sriracha sauce
Basil pesto or Camembert cheese, if you are feeling extravagant
*serves 2 not so hungry people. If you’re ravenous, do 2 each

Get the water boiling and lower your eggs in gently on a serving spoon. Set the timer on your phone (for me, 4:45min). Remember, fridge-cold eggs will have a very different Goldilocks time to room temperature eggs. When the timer goes off, pour out the hot water and fill the pot with cold water. Arrange your seed cracker and slice the avo. Spread some basil pesto /camembert on the cracker if you have it. Peel the eggs, plate them and drizzle with Sriracha. Magnificent!

*Note: Instead of Sriracha, leftover Lemony Garlic Cream sauce works beautifully! Similar idea to Hollandaise.


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