Feta & Walnut Dip with Caramelised Onions

2015-04-11 07.51.30

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about this dip prior to making it. It sounded a little too…plain. But the dip is lovely, and after I added the caramelised onion topping, it was sublime. The chopped walnuts give it a nice texture, and the salty crumbs of feta and the sweet onion marmalade compliment each other wonderfully. Mostly I don’t think it’s worth making elaborate dips – they cost far more, take more time, and often aren’t any better than a good store-bought dip. But this was so quick to make, everyone raved about it, and you could almost make it from what you already have at home, without making a special trip to the shops. Total win. I served it with sweet potato chips (for my gluten-intolerant friends), but the original recipe (adapted from the Woolworths Taste Magazine) serves fried tortilla wedges as the accompaniment, which would be amazing.

Feta & Walnut Dip with Caramelised Onions

180g plain cottage cheese
60g feta
2 tsp mayonnaise
50g walnuts, chopped
1 tbsp butter
caramelised onion marmalade

Mix the cottage cheese and mayonnaise together and crumble in the feta. Heat the butter and gently fry the walnuts for a few minutes until slightly toasty, and stir them through the dip. Plate the dip into a small serving bowl and top with 3 teaspoons of caramelised onion marmalade (I have an addiction, it’s a problem). Serve with warm ciabatta slices, fried tortilla wedges or plain chips.

Note: If you are making the dip in advance, keep the toasted walnuts in a separate air-tight container until shortly before serving, so they keep their crunch. Stir them through and top with the onions when you’re ready.


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